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Imagine a child that always sings at the dinner table. One who gets sent outside by a mother who can only hear “The Lonely Goatherder” so many times. A little girl that, having played a song on the piano with her fingers, tries it with her toes.  This same child follows her family around the globe, from adventures in Australia, to climbing the Grand Canyon, to getting trapped in Mayan caves. Such an upbringing is sure to release a unique and fiery personality.

Adventure, discovery, and joy culminate in the music of Amber Epp. All at once alluring and uplifting, Amber shares her joy for life and excitement in the undiscovered in each performance. With heartstrings pulled by the freedom of jazz and the rhythm of Latin music, she unites her favorite styles in a delightful way.

Amber Epp first encountered Latin music in Canada, but it was not until she moved to Cuba that she discovered her Latin soul. Singing in the open-air patios of Old Havana fueled the fire for this contagiously rhythmic music. Her mastery of Latin Jazz conveys her infectious passion. 

A trip to New York City sparked the fire for jazz; now Amber leaves a blazing trail wherever she performs. Inspired by jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, modern singers like Dianne Reeves, and new discoveries like Gretchen Parlato, Amber’s gift for music, improvising, and languages ignites every song.

“Amber Epp is like bottled enthusiasm with an undertone of joy.   Her music is absolutely contagious.” (Heather Bishop).

Amber gets crowds up dancing with Trio Bembe, belts it out with Papa Mambo and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and reinterprets songs with a jazzy feel from the Great Canadian Songbook with her "Canadiana" project. Amber has an amazing ability to convey the meanings of songs in numerous languages and styles, carrying the spirit of those beautiful countries straight to the soul. With the airy lilt of Portuguese, the rolling Spanish tongue, and delightful English wit, Amber enchants her audiences, leaving them walking away with a smile on their face and a groove in their step.


Amber Epp performs uplifting vocal jazz music with a rhythmic beat. She has performed across Canada, and won a Western Canadian Music Award for one of her four albums. Her latest album is called “Inside Outside.” So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of New York loft parties, Brazilian beaches, and Cuban salsa nights. Ladies and gentlemen… Amber Epp

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